What is Dataland?

Dataland is the AI-powered internal tools platform.

Dataland is the easiest way to deliver high-quality internal tools to your business users. It's secure, easy-to-use, and sets up in minutes. Here's how it works:

  1. Connect data to Dataland via our built-in connectors (e.g. Postgres, Snowflake)
  2. Choose tables to sync from. Dataland uses AI to generate a high-performance and easy-to-use UI for every table in each data source.
  3. Enable actions that business users can perform in Dataland tables (e.g. sending data / a custom form payload to an HTTP endpoint)
  4. Use AI to generate new views of data through rich text-to-SQL
  5. (Optional) Define access controls for the workspace to secure actions / data (learn more here)

Why Dataland?

We believe internal tools can both be high-quality AND incur zero engineering and design cost. In essence, every internal tool can be decomposed into a data browser and a palette for taking a set of business actions.

Dataland specifically targets these key UI patterns and bundles the critical data infrastructure necessary to deliver them in a high-performance and scalable way. With Dataland, you get an opinionated UI/UX with the highest performance + best design possible - completely out of the box.

Live playground

Check out our live playground here, where you can search through billions of rows of data from sources like Hacker News.

Common use cases

  • For SaaS admin: Create a dashboard to manage users, track usage, and oversee billing.
  • For Support: Create a support admin panel to look at customers, customer activity, tickets, and quickly send messages or issue refunds.
  • For Operations: Set up an operations dashboard to monitor inventory, track shipments, and update supplier data on the fly.
  • For Logs Analysis: Develop a log analysis tool to search through event logs, flag anomalies, and trigger alerts.
  • For Sales: Build a sales hub to view customer profiles, manage invoices, and initiate follow-ups or promotions directly.
  • For Compliance: Establish a compliance tracker to review customer data retention, process GDPR requests, and generate audit reports.

Get started

Getting started

Step-by-step guide to setting up your first searchable table in Dataland